Our solutions for printing applications

  • Screens and stencils, any types, any sizes, for solder paste, SMT adhesive, Flux…
  • Squeegees,
  • Printing heads,
  • Customize printing tools,
  • Misprints.

Our cleaning process provides an exceptional cleaning quality through the use of our ultrasonic and/or spray under immersion technologies.

Using our patented filtration system, cleaning agent is constantly regenerated which extends its lifetime. At the same time, the use of a water-based cleaning liquid with filtration capabilities helps in saving a DI water rinsing step.

Consequently, the range of N29 machines allows the perfect cleaning of your parts for the lowest running cost on the market.

Easy to use and having a limited footprint, the N29 series meets our PLUG and CLEAN concept

Nettoyage sérigraphie par MBtech

With close to a thousand machines sold across the world, the N29 series is available in different versions adapted to your budget requirements:

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning and hot air drying

Semi-automatic cleaning and drying (already the 4th generation of our best seller)

100% automatic process, also offering our spray under immersion cleaning technology

Customized process for squeegees and printing heads

MBtech, your cleaning partner