Our demonstration centres

Always at the service of our customers, MBtech owns demonstration centres that bring all of our know-how together in terms of machines as well as different testing means which allow us to evaluate the machines’ capabilities and to optimise our different processes depending on the customer’s needs.

For all your cleaning tests, we can provide you with:

  • N29 for stencils, misprint PCBs and squeegees cleaning
  • NC25 for defluxing...
  • MC200 for solder pallet and oven condenser cleaning


We analyse and validate our results with the help of a high-precision microscope as well as by using chemical measurements that allow us to detect flux and rosin residues, and mainly with the help of a Contaminometer Gen3systems® CM60 that immediately informs us if the cleaning process meets the customer’s requirements.

Contaminomètre Gen3systems® CM60
Centre de démontsrtations des outils de nettoayge de précision de MB-Tech

In order to provide with the same global high quality support for process evaluation and optimization, we have developed a wide network of demontration centres.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a demonstration