Our solutions for maintenance applications

  • Solder pallet and wave soldering machine parts,
  • Reflow oven filters and parts,
  • Conformal coating carriers,
  • Pick and place SMT nozzles.

Solder or conformal coating pallets and oven filters cleaning process are a very difficult, tedious and dirty operation. MBtech has especially developed its MC200 process for you.

Very robust, easy to use and requiring only a minimum amount of monitoring, this cleaning process uses three direction spray arms combine to a heavy duty rotating basket. The MC200 will provide a perfect cleaning in a very short cycle even for over baked flux on oven filters.

The use of an adapted water-based chemical and the efficiency of our hot air drying system allows us to avoid a water rising step. Therefore, running cost as well as environmental impact are both extremely low.

For specific applications where a water rinse step is required, our MC200+ model will meet this particular requirement.

If your cleaning application requires an immersion process our MC10 will be the suitable answer.

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Ultrasonic cleaning / DI water closed loop rinsing / Hot air drying

Spray in air cleaning / dripping / hot air drying

Spray in air cleaning / DI water open loop rinsing /air knife / hot air drying

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