NC25AL PCB Cleaning equipment with Automatic loader

This fully automatic system allows loading and unloading frames into the NC25 (up to 15) without stopping the process. Doors keep closed all time.

Efficiency, Economy, Environment: 3E

  • Stainless steel construction,
  • Machine built on containment tray,
  • Built in automatic transfert system from tank to tank,
  • Patented Spray Under Immersion cleaning process,
  • Unique vacuum drying process,
  • 100% Closed loop operation (wash and rinse).

Dimensions (L x l x H): 1600 x  1000 x  2000 mm

Empty weight: 750 kg

Power supply: 400V three phases+Neutre 50/60Hz 20A

Compressed air supply: 6bars max, 250L/min

Water supply: 3 bars (top up only)

Exhaust: 170 m3/h, 100mm port on top of the machine


  • Suivi de la concentration du nettoyant,
  • Remplissage automatique du produit dilué ou concentré,
  • Remplissage avec dosage automatique,
  • Cuve de lavage à ultrasons,
  • Solution de traçabilité et d’enregistrement de données NC25Manager.

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